Aerials - Morden
Eagle Island Area
Rev. 09 June 2003 - NOT YET FINAL
North is to the left in these photos. The yellow line is the safest, full-throttle route between the dock and the best evening fishing on the lake. Also, an excellent path to troll slowly with green rattley things. Yellow dots are highly recommended places to try jigging (yellow w/minnow) after trolling to find out where they are on any particular evening. Mostly sandy bottom with big boulders. Off the corner of Skipper Island between the yellow dots, there's a sand bar where you'll likely feel your lure bump bottom. Shortly after you feel that, be ready for a bump of a better kind! While trolling the channel north of Trapper Point, you'll likely lose a lure or two to one of the many logs. Most of Trapper Bay is shallow and devoid of life, but never really exercised the northern edge. There are two big, flat rocks (red dots approx.) lurking just off Eagle Point right in the prime trolling path for the area. We used to mark them with 2 liter pop bottles tied to rock anchors, but after a while you just get to know where they are. If you run across them at slow trolling speed, you'll just "run aground" and have to rock the boat off. There's no real reason to be running around here at high speeds, anyway. Same thing applies just off Gilligan's Island about where the upper/lefter yellow dot is. Note the shallow area just off Walleye Point below the yellow line. There's a coupla rocks that usually are slightly exposed. Stay away. You can safely cut within a couple of meters of Walleye Point, and most of the shoreline of Walleye Bay. While trolling Bingo Channel, sing "B-I-N-G-0, B-I-N-G-0, B-I-N-G-0, and Bingo was his name-o". It seems to help. Cast into the corner of Eagle Bay closest to Eagle Point. You'll likely get snagged (easily retrievable), but Northerns are also likely. Sometimes the group of rocks near (north of) "Rocky" is exposed. It's a good place to putter up to, nestle or anchor among the rocks & cast North for Northern. Devil's Island has no redeeming value unless you enjoy the sound of rocks scraping the bottom of your boat while approaching it. If you need to make a pit stop in the area, dock at Eagle Landing or the shoreline of Walleye Bay. In this area at evening, skeeter hats with nets & lotsa Deep Woods Off is MANDATORY! And praise the dragonflies for their help in clearing skeeter clouds!