NOTE: As of 04 Jun 2003, these maps are fairly stable.
Need to check placement of The Cave on the chain map.
Most current Rev dates are 03 Jun 2003 for both maps.
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Morden Chain
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These maps are based on scans of copies of old survey maps, and should be used for convenience only, not programming coordinates into cruise missles. North on map is pretty close to geographic North, but probably slightly off.

These pics are low-res and not useful for anything
other than previews. Don't bother saving - use options on left.

Printing Tips
First, select the largest size map in the left column that you're willing to wait to download. Larger sizes will have more legible text when printed. Then, right-click the image and save it to your hard drive. The large Morden jpg will print nicely up to letter size set to landscape orientation. For 11x17, bite the bullet & get the tif file.

There are a bizillion different ways to do this. Windows XP, use the Picture & Fax viewer - DO NOT use any of the printing options that mention "cropping". On W95 and 98SE systems, I have installed Photo Explorer from Ulead ( which has a "Scale to fit page" option. For the best possible quality, download the humongous TIF file, load it into Adobe Photoshop and print using Postscript color management.

Use whatever photo tool you have available that came with your scanner or digital camera.

Create a document using MS-Word, MS-Works, or MS-Publisher. Create a picture frame, import the pic, and scale it to fill the page.

Sorry, don't have any tips for Macs.

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