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NOTE: As of 04 Jun 2003, these maps are fairly stable.
Need to check placement of The Cave on the Morden Chain map.
Most current Rev dates are 03 Jun 2003 for both maps.


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Below is old stuff, but VERY accurate. Satellite maps with GPS coming soon.


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Morden Chain

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These maps are based on scans of copies of old survey maps, and should be used for convenience only, not programming coordinates into cruise missiles. North on map is pretty close to geographic North, but probably slightly off.

Versions soon to come will be based on satellite photography with GPS coordinates accurate to a yard or two so go ahead with the cruise missile programming. They're precise enough to tell the difference between the back and the front of a 14ft. Lund.

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About Place Names

After a few years, we got tired of trying to tell people in the other boat that we just nailed a half-dozen mondo Northerns "about a hundred feet off the big rock that's just past the tree sticking out of that big island that's just behind those two little islands where we caught all those walleyes yesterday"!!

So we started naming things. Some decades ago, we also established an arbitrary coordinate system (before widespread GPS). Also "far side", "behind" or "back side" means the side away from the cabin. GPS coords will be available for these (Examples) West Inlet is at S1W15, there's a BIG ROCK lurking unseen just behind Gilligan's Island at about N7E13, and speeding thru the area at N4E5 has been known to result in a $500 fine. Check with your friendly outfitter for current insurance deductibles for below-water-line motor damage!

By all means, have fun, make up your own names, but be aware that all references on this site will use the names found on this page.

Peggy, I'm naming the Northern end of Allard "Peggy's Practice Pond" from 1984 when the northern didn't know you were just practicing casting. Honey, feel free to jump in if there's anywhere that strikes you.

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